Identity platform

One integration – a world of digital identification methods

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A platform for every identity

GII is a platform that assembles digital identification methods from around the world, like a global network for identification. The great advantage for you is that you only need to integrate your system towards one counterpart, and not towards each individual provider of digital identification methods.

By using GII, you have access to several different digital identification services, and you don’t have to worry about how to let your service or product be available globally. If there’s a specific identification method you are missing, we make sure to connect it to GII.

The major benefits of Global Identity Integrator

Other advantages of using GII

Identity platform

Access to the world's digital identification methods through one integration.

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1-click onboarding

Easier and quicker onboarding process.

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Secure log in

Secure log in with access to a world of identification methods.

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